Real Gen 064 – 7 Ways You Are Leaving Money on The Table In Your Real Estate Business

Are you guilty of any of the 7 ways you are leaving money on the table in your real estate business? If so, it’s time to do some self-evaluation and strategic improvement.

After teaching thousands of agents, I see patterns that happen all the time. These patterns are the most common reasons you are not generating more leads and closing more transactions.

It’s just like having a bucket with a bunch of holes…those holes are causing everything to leak out. These 7 areas will help you plug those holes and keep the revenue in your bucket.

I am pretty sure that you could easily find at least 2-3 of these ares that need improvement and would add MASSIVE growth to your business this year.

This is one of those episodes that you MUST listen to…otherwise, it you could be continually costing yourself more transactions and commissions. YES, it is that important…

Give the episode a listen and let’s make it so that you are bringing in the maximum amount of business possible.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • 7 Ways You Are Leaving Money On The Table In Your Real Estate Business
  • Why it is costing you potentially tens of thousands (or even HUNDREDS of thousands) in commissions to do nothing
  • A method to address all of them to ensure maximum potential 

Episode Resources

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Action Steps

  1. Identify the area(s) that need to be addressed to make more money
  2. Implement strategies to be more effective
  3. Get help implementing this if you need it. Contact us at 801-835-4971 to grow your business today