Real Gen 062 – The One Excuse You Might Be Using That Will Put You Out Of Business

The One Excuse You Might Be Using That Will Put You Out Of BusinessAre you using this one excuse that will put you out of business?

If so, then this episode of the Real Gen Podcast is specifically for you! You might be wondering what that one mistake might be. So here it is:

“I have a hard time with technology.”

Truth be told, that excuse and that mindset will make you extinct in the real estate industry within the next few years. Yes, I fully believe that to be true.

Companies and agents are embracing new technology that allow them to get more exposure, more leads, more sales, and automation of their business. If you don’t follow suit, they will pass you by and you will be out of business.

That is why I fully believe that this excuse is killing your business and you can’t afford to get caught up in this huge mistake. Consider it part of your business and part of what you need to do to stay relevant to your customers.

Tune into this episode and learn the details of why this mindset is killing you.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • The one excuse you might be using that will put you out of business
  • What it takes to learn the right tools and solutions for your business
  • Two options on how to tackle this excuse to get rid of it once and for all

Episode Resources

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Action Steps

  1. Devote part of each day to learning and improving
  2. Attend CE classes that will further your education
  3. Watch YouTube videos to learn how to add more technology to your business