Real Gen 061 – How To Get Lots of Free Publicity on Facebook

How To Get Lots of Free Publicity on FacebookIf you want to know how to get lots of free publicity on Facebook, this episode of the Real Gen Podcast is the answer!

During this episode, I am going to share a powerful strategy that actually combines two strategies: Facebook marketing and joint ventures.

Promoting a local business is a way to partner up with them and you both reap the benefits. By promoting them and with both of you being in the video, great things happen with both audiences. This business will get access to your audience, and you get access to theirs!

If you were to approach a business and ask them to give you their customer list so you could market to them, most of them would tell you no. However, with this strategy on Facebook, you get to achieve this exact thing without any kind of resistance! Plus, you have the added benefit of these businesses being local so you get local traffic.

Tune into this episode and learn the details of how to get lots of free publicity on Facebook!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • How to use joint ventures with local businesses to get more free publicity
  • The two things you should look for before doing this strategy to get maximum results
  • What to include in the video for best results

Episode Resources

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Action Steps

  1. Find a local business that you enjoy and would be happy to support
  2. Make sure they are active on Facebook with a good audience
  3. Coordinate with the owner/manager to do the video