Real Gen 059 – 3 Strategies To Turn Buyers Into Seller Leads and Listings

Real Gen 059 – 3 Strategies To Turn Buyers Into Seller Leads and ListingsAre you running short on seller leads and listings in your business? If so, you are going to love these 3 strategies to turn buyers into seller leads and listings.

I live in Utah, and let me explain the market conditions at the current moment in time (March 2018)…

It is absolutely a seller’s market. There are many more buyers than there are sellers and so inventory is very low. Homes are selling within a day or two of being listed. There are frequently multiple offers on each property, and homes are often selling for more than asking price.

If you have ever wanted to sell, this is the time to do it because the conditions totally favor you.

However, because listings are at a premium, many agents are doing everything they can to generate more of them…calling clients, doing open houses, knocking on doors, direct mail, and cold calling.

This episode is going to show you how to reverse engineer some seller leads using…your buyers (yes, you read that correctly!)

You have probably seen a lot of my strategies on how to use listings to attract potential buyers. In this episode, we are doing the opposite…how to use buyers to attract more listings!

Check out these three powerful strategies in this episode of the Real Gen Podcast!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • How to turn your buyer prospects into clients
  • A simple lead generation technique to turn closed buyers into listing leads (this one is so simple most people overlook it) 
  • How to use Facebook for your buyers to find listings AND find them the home of their dreams

Episode Resources

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Action Steps

  1. Offer a CMA for your past buyer clients and then post on Facebook and offer the same to the people you know
  2. Get buyer signs made up and adjust your buyer agency agreement if needed
  3. Create a video and target the best potential sellers as discussed during the episode