Real Gen 054 – Advanced Facebook Tools For Improved Lead Generation and Conversion

Advanced Facebook Tools For Improved Lead Generation and ConversionThese advanced Facebook tools for improved lead generation and conversion will help you take your online efforts to new levels.

I am constantly studying new techniques, new tools, and testing new strategies. This past week, I have been doing a ton of testing, studying, and improvements. This episode is the beginning of teaching you the results I have seen.

One of my clients used a new technique and had her first listing within a few hours of implementation. The key is to make sure you have the right strategy and to leverage your efforts.

When I teach Facebook classes to agents each week, they don’t realize what they are missing and how they could easily improve their online lead generation with a few simple tools and strategies.

Take the time to educate yourself…this episode is the beginning of that education.

If you don’t want to educate yourself, then hire someone that understands it and can get results (did I mention I know someone that can do this?).

Dive in and see how these advanced Facebook tools can improve your lead generation and conversion efforts.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • Several tools and strategies for each tool to generate more leads on Facebook
  • Why you should NEVER boost a post again on Facebook and what to do instead
  • A new tool I am using to get more qualified leads that actually start conversing with you when they become a lead

Action Steps

  1. Install the pixel on your website/landing pages
  2. Evaluate the tools and determine how to use them to generate and convert leads
  3. Upload your SOI or Client list and create custom audience or lookalike audience

Episode Resources

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