Real Gen 049 – Top 3 Strategies To Generate 2-5 Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook Per Day

Top 3 Strategies To Generate 2-5 Real Estate Seller Leads on Facebook Per DayHow different would your business be if you had strategies to generate 2-5 real estate seller leads on Facebook per day? Listen to these 3 powerful strategies to grow your business.

Sellers are the lifeblood of a growing real estate business. With listings, you have other people trying to sell your inventory. You can use the listing to attract buyers so that you have more business coming in. Sign calls will generate leads, and on and on.

That is why sellers are really a premium for a Realtor…but I am sure you have already been told this in the training courses you have attended.

What is different here is that I am going to show you how to make these a reality. If you were to generate 2-5 seller leads per day, think about the impact that would have in your business.

This episode will help you make it a reality.

Jump into this episode for the details so that you can become the top agent in your area!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • Top 3 seller lead generation strategy that agents are using today to get results
  • How to use your buyers to find people that are thinking of selling
  • What it takes to implement each of these strategies on Facebook

Action Items

  1. Set up your landing page for these campaigns
  2. Make sure you have a business Facebook page or you can’t run ads
  3. Set up the ad to target the best possible potential seller

Episode Resources

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In this episode, I referred to a recent YouTube video on generating seller leads. Learn how to generate seller leads here.