Real Gen 048 – What It Takes To Dominate Your Area and Become The Top Agent

What It Takes To Dominate Your Area and Become The Top AgentNow that 2018 is upon us, let’s get down to dominating your market so that you can become the top agent.

After studying and dissecting the businesses of top producers, there are four things that make them what they are. These are exactly the points that I bring up on this episode.

In order to be the best in your market, you really have to get these four pieces in place and mastered:

  1. Lead Generation – Top agents are what they are because of the amount of leads they generate. If you want to be the top agent in your area or your office, you must generate more leads.
  2. Calls – Top agents dedicate time each day to make their prospecting phone calls. You have to protect it like it is money, because that is exactly what it is!
  3. Conversions – When you have a process to convert more leads, it ends up as more clients without having to work as hard.
  4. Systems/Teams – Your goal is to automate and systematize as much of your business as possible.

If you take a look at the agents who are doing the most business, you will find that they have these four things figured out.

Jump into this episode for the details so that you can become the top agent in your area!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • How to analyze what is working and what to improve in your own business
  • How to put together a strategy for increasing your business based on this past year
  • Plus some exciting news about things coming in 2018

Action Items

  1. Get aggressive in your lead generation efforts.
  2. Block out time to make your daily calls. You will fail to dominate without discipline and consistency here
  3. Identify ways to be valuable to your prospects to convert more into clients
  4. Implement systems to turn yourself into a business

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