Real Gen 043 – 4 Reasons Your Facebook Lead Generation Stinks and How To Fix It

4 Reasons Your Facebook Lead Generation Stinks and How To Fix ItHave you wondered why you aren’t getting better results on Facebook? There are reasons your Facebook lead generation stinks…in fact, 4 of them that we will cover on this episode.

After all of the campaigns we have done for agents on Facebook, we know what works and what doesn’t.

I teach a class on Facebook lead generation and people often ask why they aren’t getting better results. When I review their process and strategy, they are missing things that is hurting the amount of leads that they generate, as well as convert into clients.

There are so many lessons I have learned from doing this for many different agents. Those lessons turn into results when you understand the process and know what ISN’T working on Facebook today.

If you aren’t getting results, chances are really high that you are making one of these simple mistakes and it is literally killing your results on Facebook. That is why you have to listen to this episode and learn from my experiences so that you can fast track your own results instead of learning by trial and error like I did.

Some of these will seem so obvious once you hear what they are. That is power of sharing knowledge.

Ready to increase your Facebook results? Start listening to this episode and increase your lead generation numbers on Facebook!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • The 4 reasons your Facebook lead generation stinks and how to fix it
  • Why you should NEVER EVER boost a post on Facebook (Yes, it is hurting your results)
  • Simple steps to correct what isn’t working and convert more leads

Action Items

  1. Review your Facebook marketing
  2. Implement the four strategies in this episode