Real Gen 042 – The Science of Creating Marketing Messages That Speak To Your Prospects

The Science of Creating Marketing Messages That Speak To Your ProspectsThere is a science that will help you create marketing messages that speak to your prospects. However, most agents never learn it and so they just keep putting out more marketing that doesn’t produce results.

Agents usually make one of two mistakes in their marketing: 1. The message is so vague because they want to appeal to everyone. As a result, it usually sounds something like “I help people buy and sell houses.” And 2. The marketing message is all about them. They talk of their experience, awards they have won, or designations that they have earned to try and convince people to work with them.

This kind of approach doesn’t produce results because customers one care about one thing…


They only care about their needs, their problems, and their challenges. If you can effectively address these kinds of things in your marketing, your response rate will go up.

This episode of the Real Gen Podcast will help you take things one step further…

You will learn the normal buying phase that prospects go through before they make a buying decision.

Knowing this will help you create marketing materials that will take them through each step of the process so that they are doing business with you sooner!

Ready to learn how this works? Start listening to this episode and dominate your competition!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • The three phases all potential customers go through before they make a buying decision
  • See examples of how to use this in your marketing as you target groups like first-time home buyers, investors, and sellers
  • How to overcome the major challenges of marketing in the real estate industry

Episode Notes

During the episode, I reference a chart called The Educational Spectrum. Click on the image to see it full-size.

Source: Monopolize Your Marketplace:

Action Items

  1. Review your marketing message
  2. Create your three-part message to address all three phases