Real Gen 039 – Putting Your Marketing On Autopilot

Putting Your Marketing On AutopilotIs your marketing taking too long? Would putting your marketing on autopilot simplify your life?

Then this episode of the Real Gen Podcast for real estate agents will be the one you want to check out.

During this episode, I am going to go over the systems that you need in order to automate your business. You will also learn how these strategies work and the time it will take you to implement each strategy.

Our signature training is called the Top Agent Marketing System. Inside this training program, there is a lot of time spent on how to automate as much of the marketing as possible. During this episode, you will see how to implement each of the five pillars that we talk about and how to set it up once and let it run.

When you have systems in place, that is when you will have a business that can scale to any level you desire. If you are the one that has to do it all manually, you are limiting your own growth and production.

That is why this episode of the Real Gen Podcast shows you how to put your marketing for real estate on autopilot so that you can spend more of your valuable time selling.

Listen to this episode and start getting your business on autopilot.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • The three systems you will need to automate your marketing and lead generation efforts
  • How to automate all 5 steps of the Top Agent Marketing System
  • The three things that you cannot automate that must be done manually so that you get maximum benefit

Action Items

  1. Get Landing page software, CRM, and email marketing software
  2. Upload your lists (prospects, SOI, clients)
  3. Set up your automations as much as possible