Real Gen 038 – Four Powerful Ways To Use Facebook Marketing For Real Estate

Four Powerful Ways To Use Facebook Marketing For Real EstateAre you using Facebook marketing for real estate, but not seeing results? Or, maybe you haven’t even started doing anything at all on Facebook.

I hope that these strategies I share on this episode of the Real Gen Podcast change your mind!

I am a continuing education instructor for real estate agents in the state of Utah. In almost EVERY class I teach, almost everyone in the room has a Facebook account, most have set up a business page, about half the group actively posts something to their page, and less than 2% of people are generating any leads at all.

It is always shocking to me to see how many people are using Facebook in their business but they aren’t seeing results in forms of new leads and prospects. 

That is why I devoted this episode of the podcast to Facebook lead generation. It is one of the most requested topics out there and I help agents generate more leads using this tool.

You are going to learn some new ways to use Facebook marketing on this episode. It is such a versatile tool that can be used in many different aspects of your business.

Want to learn four new ways that you can use Facebook for your real estate business? Jump into this episode and learn the strategies!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • The four strategies to use Facebook as a marketing tool for real estate
  • Powerful case studies of what people have achieved using these strategies (I’m not talking about theory…these are actual results!)
  • How to use Facebook marketing for real estate to take you to the next production level

Episode Resources

I talked about the free guide that I offer on how to generate 20+ leads per week using Facebook. Get that strategy guide here.

Action Items

  1. Download your free guide to generate 20+ leads per week using Facebook
  2. Start using ads to generate social media ads