Real Gen 035 – 3 Step Strategy To Create A Top Recruiting Real Estate Brokerage

Top Recruiting StrategyWould you like to learn how to create a top recruiting real estate brokerage? This episode of the Real Gen Podcast will show you how to accomplish this goal.

Normally, these episodes are dedicated to helping Realtors grow their business through marketing and lead generation strategies. However, in this episode, I am going to show how a real estate brokerage can gain a competitive advantage in their efforts to recruit and keep top real estate talent.

I recently read a blog post that stated the top reasons why agents want to leave their current brokerage. These are the top five reasons why they wanted to leave their current brokerage:

  1. Commission split was too high
  2. Training (either too little or too infrequent)
  3. Lack of support or office assistance
  4. Lack of technology
  5. Brand was not strong in their market

In comparison though, agents were also asked why they choose the brokerage that they are currently at. Their responses:

  1. Training is great and plenty of options to choose from
  2. Support both from staff and from leadership/owner
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Better commission split
  5. Better technology

You would think that having better commission splits is the number one reason for an agent to be at the office, but it isn’t.

With that context in mind, let me show you my unique three step strategy to create a top recruiting real estate office. That is the whole point of this episode.

When you listen to this episode, you are going to learn a unique strategy to make your real estate office grow.

Ready to get to work on growing your real estate office? This top recruiting strategy will help you get the most from the agents in your office.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • The top reasons why agents choose the brokerage where they hang their license
  • How you can increase the transactions of your agents while reducing your spending
  • Why training is a critical part of your recruiting strategy

Episode Resources

I referred to some survey results from agents as to why they want to leave their brokerage and why they picked the brokerage where they are currently at. Here is where you can find that original post.

Action Items

  1. Put together a training plan (needs to be both CE and additional training)
  2. Assemble a support staff that goes above and beyond the call of duty
  3. Create a lead generation mechanism to attract agents that are hungry to grow their business

Need help putting together a strategy to give your brokerage a competitive advantage? Let me show you how to be a top recruiting brokerage. Contact us to set up your free brokerage consultation.