Real Gen 034 – The Real Estate Marketing Blueprint For 40 Transactions Per Year


40 Transaction Real Estate Marketing BlueprintHere’s a question about your business you may have never considered before:

Do you have a real estate marketing blueprint for your business?

I would bet that in almost all cases, the answer is no. You are going to do some cold calling, or door knocking, or hold some open houses to generate business. However, there is nothing that says how much of something you need to do and what the results will be.

Why does it matter?

Think of a builder…would they EVER build a home without a blueprint? Of course not. They wouldn’t know what the end result was that they were trying to reach.

All of the subcontractors would do things their way, and the heating system would conflict with the electrical system, and on and on…

Your real estate business is the same thing. If you don’t have a blueprint, then you have no way of knowing what the end result is going to be or even how you are going to get there. That is the reason for this episode where I share my 40 Transaction Marketing Blueprint.

The average agent did 12 transactions per year in 2016 according to the National Association of Realtors. When I am talking about 40 transactions in a year, we are basically saying about 3.5 times what the average agent did.

Ready to take your business to the next level with your marketing? Then check out this podcast episode and see how you can get your own customized version of the 40 transaction marketing blueprint for your real estate business.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode I offered to provide you with a FREE strategy session for 40 transactions. During this powerful session you will receive:

  • A 5 step marketing plan to reach 40 transactions per year
  • A unique marketing process so you never have to cold call, door knock, or do floor time again
  • Uncover the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success
  • Leave the session with clarity, focus, and next steps to achieve your goal

I can’t do one of these for everyone. If you have wanted to take your business to the next level and weren’t sure how, let me show you the detailed step-by-step plan.

Contact me to schedule your FREE strategy session here. 

Action Items

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