Real Gen 033 – 4 Step Strategy To Generate More Leads On Facebook

4 Step Strategy To Generate More Leads On FacebookAre you tired of spending lots of time posting stuff on your Facebook page and seeing nothing? It’s like getting ready to perform for an audience and then seeing that you are on stage in front of an empty house.

It is discouraging and frustrating to be really busy and wondering what could be wrong that isn’t generating new business for you.

The truth is that generating leads can be pretty simple when you have the right approach. I see so many agents who struggle because they have the wrong approach to their Facebook marketing.

The whole point of this episode is to give you a winning formula for Facebook marketing to generate more leads. The whole process consists of the 4 steps that I share in this episode of the Real Gen Podcast.

You can remove a lot of the guesswork, the testing, the trial and error, and anger that so many agents experience when they try to figure out what works. Rather than going this path, wouldn’t it make more sense to learn from someone that has already been through the process and can help you take the shortcut to better results?

That is exactly what I am offering you on this episode. You get to learn a tried and true process that will help you get better results from what you are doing.

Ready to kick your Facebook lead generation up a notch (or two)? Listen to this episode and start getting more leads today.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The four step strategy to generate more leads on Facebook
  • Where the majority of agents go wrong with their Facebook marketing (are you making this mistake?)
  • How to create a compelling marketing message that people need


Action Items

  1. Review your Facebook strategy
  2. Determine your marketing approach (who, what, and why)
  3. Create a “can’t resist” offer