Real Gen 030 – 7 Tips to Writing Emails That Generate A Response

7 Tips to Writing Emails That Generate A Response Are you tired of writing emails that don’t generate a response? Do you feel like you aren’t accomplishing what you desire with your writing?

Then this podcast episode is just what you need to make writing emails that generate a response so much easier on yourself.

There are simple principles that you can incorporate into your writing that will generate more response from your people.

Chances are, you have never been taught how to write a compelling email…until now.

Since email is a tool that you are already using in your business, it just makes sense to learn how to use it more strategically to see better results. As you already know, if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.

When I first started doing email marketing, I would write a message that talked about how awesome my product was and why they should buy it. I got very few responses, and I started to hear those voices in my head saying,

You can’t do this.” “No one cares about what you are offering.” “What makes you think you can help someone?”

Have you ever heard those voices too?

If so, I invite you to listen to this new podcast episode. It will change your results in a very short period of time because you are using something that is time tested and proven.

However, let’s say that you decided to not listen and keep doing what you are doing. What would be the result? Well, you would probably be right where you are wondering why you aren’t seeing results and being frustrated. Is that what you really want?

By the way, many of the principles I teach in this podcast, I just used in this description!

Get started listening to this episode and see how to use these strategies in your own business.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The 7 tips to writing emails that generate a response
  • BONUS: I even include one extra tip just because it is one more strategy that I love
  • How you might be inviting someone to do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what you really want them to do


Action Items

  1. Review your writing and adjust it with these 8 principles to see better results