Real Gen 029 – The Secret Of More Transactions Is In The Follow-Up


The Secret Of More Transactions Is In The Follow-UpWhat is it that separates top producers from the other agents out there?

One of their secrets lies in their follow-up process. Top producers are strategic in their approach and they have as much of it systematized as possible. The are great at taking people all the way through their sales pipeline.

So, how do you set this up?

In this episode, we are going to share one way that you can be really effective with your follow up process. It has a lot to do with your messages that you send out to people.

I have found that one of the reasons agents do not follow up as much as they would like is that they aren’t sure what to say. This episode will help you understand what kinds of messages you should have ready and how to build a library of them for the right times and right moments.

Think about how much easier your business would be if you had ready made messages for common situations…

You could easily follow up with people at an open house, or send a message after connecting with someone over social media. These kinds of common messages are a lifesaver especially to make you more efficient in your follow up.

Listen to this episode on how to get more out of your follow up process and the messages you are using.

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • Why the magic happens in following-up with people
  • How to build your own library of follow up messages
  • Ideas on the most common situations where a follow-up message would be valuable

Episode Resources

In this podcast, I referred to another episode that talked about following up. Here is the link to that episode – Episode 19.

Action Items

  1. Each time you create a message like this to send, save it and create your library of messages