Real Gen 024 – Follow Up Process For Optimum Conversions

Follow Up Process For Optimum ConversionsAre you buying leads or generating your own leads online? If so, one of the biggest problems that Realtors have is turning those leads into opportunities.

I see too any agents that waste those opportunities mostly because they do not have the right follow up process.

The topic for today’s episode actually comes from an agent that is getting leads and wanted to know what the best practice is to follow up on the leads. That is what this episode is all about.

I share the follow up process that I have learned from an agent that is converting about 8% of the leads that she is generating and roughly half of her business comes from online leads. She is one of the highest converting agents that is doing online leads that I personally know.

She shared with me her process and, with her permission, I am sharing that with others to help them be more successful.

If you want to improve your process of following up with leads, this podcast will give you some new insights and methods to increase your conversion ratio of turning leads into clients.

Let’s get started on this episode!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The absolute best process I know of for following up on leads
  • Sample scripts to make following up easier than it was before
  • The key factors that determine your lieklihood to convert a lead into a client

Action Items

  1. Contact leads as soon as you receive them if possible
  2. Use these scripts to speed up your follow up process

Episode Resources

In this episode, I mentioned that I was going to give you some sample scripts. Here they are:

Text Message: Would you like to see that property from (Location) that you saw on Facebook (Zillow, etc.)?

Email Message:


I’m glad you requested information about the home in (Location) on Facebook (Zillow, etc.). Would you like to see the property to see if it meets your needs? That home was just listed and has had a lot of interest so far.

Did you know that you can buy a home and my professional services are free? That means you can really simplify the home buying process without it costing you anything extra.

Talk soon,