Real Gen 018 – Rules For Effective Advertising That Produces New Clients


Rules For Effective Advertising that Produces New ClientsHave you ever put together an advertisement that you spent all day working on it, got it just perfect, and then spent money expecting great results and nothing happened?

There are reasons that your advertising didn’t produce the results that you wanted. In this episode of the Real Gen Podcast, you will learn how to correct this problem so that you can get better results with your advertising efforts.

When an agent puts together their advertisement and then it doesn’t produce results, they often come to the conclusion that “advertising doesn’t work.”

However, I know (and so do they) agents that are killing it with their advertising. So, what makes the difference?

There are three reasons that advertising doesn’t generate new clients for your business and that is the first part of this episode. You will also learn new ways to view your marketing so that you can find new clients.

Use the concepts in this powerful episode to troubleshoot what is not working with your marketing so that you can change it and see an instant improvement.

Sound enticing? Good! Let’s get started on this episode!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The three reasons that most advertising is ineffective and doesn’t produce results
  • How to troubleshoot your marketing so that it is on point with what your customers really want
  • The four ways to approach your advertising so that you generate more customers. You can finally get the results you want! 

Episode Resources

In this episode, I refer to a training video on a marketing formula that will double your results. You can find that video here.

 Action Items

  1. Review your advertising so that you avoid the three biggest mistakes
  2. Produce an ad using the four step marketing formula from the video.