Real Gen 011 – Effective Email Marketing For Clients


Effective Email MarketingAs I work with my clients on implementing their marketing system, there is a huge disconnect that I see. Generally, with my clients, I see one of two problems with their email marketing:

  1. They don’t do it (Huge mistake!)
  2. They send out messages that have no value (newsletters, company sponsored materials, recipe cards, etc.)

Granted, it is better to send something rather than nothing at all. But, if you are going to spend the time marketing to them, wouldn’t you like to see better results from what you do?

That is what this episode of the Real Gen Podcast is all about.

I cover the strategy on knowing what types of messages to send so that your clients will enjoy seeing the email AND actually open it. Just like most marketing, when you have the strategy right, the results are often 2-3 times what they are when you are just winging it. 

Many real estate agents have been in the business long enough that if they were to master the concept of client marketing, they would never have to do any other prospecting in their business. All of their clients would come from their existing client base in the form of them buying or selling, or in the form of them referring their friends or family members.

This episode will show you how to get more out of what you already have. Ready to implement effective email marketing? Then this is the episode that will show you how!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • Why your email marketing isn’t getting you the results you want
  • How to add more value so that your clients open your emails more often
  • Ideas on how to create compelling content for your messages that your clients will be happy to receive

 Action Items

  1. Create a 12 month plan for what to send. Determine the style of the message and the topic so that you know exactly what to send and when