Real Gen 009 – How To Use Events To Generate New Clients


Use Events To Generate New ClientsWe live in a time that is called the Information Age. While this is a widely known fact, what many people are missing out on is that people want information. This marketing strategy is all about how you can use that to your advantage.

One way that you can provide information to your prospects and potential clients is through events.

Events are a great way to provide education and demonstrate your professionalism, expertise, and authority all at the same time.

Usually, people have two primary concerns about putting on an event:

  1. You might be concerned about how to promote it and get people to attend or
  2. Public speaking might absolutely terrify you.

Being the best public speaker is not a requirement to find success in having an event. After all, people are expecting you to be a real estate agent instead of a public speaker.

The rest of the podcast episode describes why events are such a powerful marketing technique and how to promote them to get the most attendees possible. When you know how to market them the right way, you will find that getting people to attend is easier than you previously thought.

Ready to put on some events to grow your business? Listen to the strategies on this podcast episode!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • Why events are such a powerful psychological tool
  • How to know what your topic should be for your event to naturally attract your target market
  • Promotional techniques and strategies to get people to attend the event and make it a success

Action Items

  1. Brainstorm topics that would naturally appeal to your target market.
  2. Create a promotional strategy to ensure that you reach your desired number of attendees.