Real Gen 008 – The Perfect Referral Strategy Using Businesses You Already Refer


Businesses You ReferAre there businesses that you already have a great working relationship with, but you aren’t getting enough referrals in return? Would you like to improve the number of business referrals you receive?

That is exactly the topic of this podcast.

Referrals from businesses can be some of the best leads that you will ever receive. Some of the reasons are because:

Business referrals are higher quality. This is because a referral from a business owner is both a personal and professional recommendation. The referrals carries more weight than just a referral from an individual.

Business referrals are usually larger transactions. People that use other businesses have money to pay for their services. This usually translates into a larger sales price for you.

Business referrals often have a higher conversion percentage. When a person has done business with someone and they had a great experience, they often will trust a recommendation from that professional. When the referral actually talks to you, there is very little selling that needs to be done because they have been pre-sold by the fact that they were recommended.

Those are the reasons that you would want to improve your performance in this area of business.

Now that you know why you would want more business referrals, take a listen to the episode so that you can learn how to generate them!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The three reasons that you would want to increase your business referrals
  • How to create the ultimate business referral tool (free download of it below)
  • The four strategies of how to use this tool to get more referrals from these businesses that you already refer

Episode Resources

During this episode, I referred to a tool that you can use to build your directory of businesses. Download that free tool here:

Business Directory Building Tool

Action Items

  1. Create your directory of businesses that you refer
  2. Use the four strategies covered in this podcast to market the tool and generate business