Real Gen 007 – How To Generate More Business From Your Clients

How To Generate More Business From Your ClientsWhen it comes to generating more business, your clients are the lowest hanging fruit. Why is that?

Because they have already experienced you, your service, and they had a great experience. In other words…they are already sold on you!

However, this is a piece of marketing that many Realtors miss out on. Recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors show that 83% of people had a good experience with their real estate agent and would refer them to someone. But only 22% of people actually used the same agent for their next transaction.

Why is there such a big disconnect between the two sets of numbers? Because the Realtor did not maintain contact…they simply moved on to the next sale.

In this episode, I show you a piece of the client marketing formula that I teach my coaching clients. This is one piece of a larger client marketing formula but it is extremely powerful.

This one strategy will generate more business from your clients as well as increase the number of referrals you receive. This strategy will get your clients talking to their friends and family and instantly make you more referable.

So, if you have been wanting to improve your client marketing efforts and get more business coming in, then you need to check out this episode.

Take a listen to this powerful strategy!

In This Episode

During this podcast episode you will learn:

  • Why you aren’t getting as many referrals as you want (it’s because you are missing a core piece of your marketing strategy)
  • How to set up this strategy so that it is mostly automated 
  • Why your clients are going to be happy to refer you to others without you having to ask them to do it

Episode Resources

During this episode, I mentioned how important it is to have a database or CRM (Client Relationship Management) system. If you don’t already have one, start searching online for one that works with your needs.