Real Gen 002 – Turning Your Business Card Into A Lead Generation Machine

business card lead generationWhat if you could turn your business card into a lead generation machine? Consider all of the cards that you hand out and imagine if it was providing a better result for you.

Well, that is exactly what the purpose of today’s podcast episode is all about.

When you use the right strategy, the result is that you end up with more leads, more prospects, and ultimately more sales. This can also be done with your business card.

In the past, you may have had a lot of people take your card and throw it away shortly after you gave it to them. Now, you can completely change this situation. Your card will have so much value that people will not want to get rid of it.

Now that is powerful…

When potential customers walk away and hold on to your card, it gives you a competitive advantage. Why would they hold on to your card and not your competition’s card? It all comes down to VALUE.

Part of the strategy is to make your business card so valuable that they wouldn’t want to throw it away. This value also makes it so that it is easier to refer you and they will be more willing to refer you.

Check out this episode where you will learn my business card strategy to generate more leads for real estate agents.

In This Episode

During this episode, you will learn:

  • The powerful strategy to get people to hold on to your card
  • The six elements that should be on your card
  • How to add value to your card so that they will keep it
  • How to continue the sales process using your card even after you are gone

Episode Resources

I mentioned that I would share some examples of business cards…both the traditional and the strategic that I mentioned on the episode. Enjoy!

Here is a traditional business card style

Here is a traditional business card style

Lead Generation Business Card

Here is the strategic card on the front containing 5 elements and the fifth element on the back.

Lead Generation Business Card

Here is the back of the card with the sixth element and using the marketing formula that will be discussed on a future episode.